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Located in the heart of beautiful Port Credit, Salon Pucci was founded with one simple principle in mind... to provide your beloved canine with a spa experience like no other. Salon Pucci prides itself in the gentle care we provide. With focus on pet safety and relaxation, our immaculate and sophisticated salon sets the standard for grooming. Salon Pucci offers your pet the comfort and tranquility that is essential for a relaxing groom.

"In my experience with other grooming salons", says Lisa - founder of Salon Pucci, "I was very unhappy. I did not agree with how the animals were handled as well as the noise level and cleanliness. Most grooming salons have a lobby in the front and the grooming in the back room which means the dogs will have to listen to all of the noise from the dryers while they are getting their groom as well as you not being able to see what is going on."

Salon Pucci was designed as an open concept spa . Grooming is done in a large quiet room as soft music plays. Bathing and drying is in a separate room built with soundproof walls so as not to disturb the dogs getting their hair cut. There is a large window for the dogs to look outside while they are getting styled.

It's simple... keep it relaxed and quiet. Be kind to the dogs and they will respond well.

There is no dog on dog contact at Salon Pucci, because we understand that every dog has a different temperament.

Our team of new generation pet stylists are professionally trained and experienced in this industry. Most importantly they are very gentle and soft spoken with the dogs.

We realize that dogs do not want to be away from their owners so we do not keep them all day. When they arrive we begin the groom and as soon as we are finished we call the owner to come and get them.

Ultimately we want your pet to be relaxed and comfortable, so much so that you will notice the difference in their temperament after just one visit. After all... wouldn't you like to leave the spa relaxed.

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